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GAF Roof Shingles Versus TAMKO Shingles:

Planning to build a house is a large step in creating you and your family’s future. In this economy it’s very important to consider the prices and the lasting value of the materials used to build your home. Potential resale value, security, aesthetics, and the reliability of a sturdy roof are things often thought about when building a house. One of the main aspects that degrade first in a household is its roofing. This can become very expensive or dangerous for the people living under it if left unattended. It helps to know the differences between roofing materials to maximize the marginal utility you will receive from your choice.

Two of the most popular providers for high quality roofing equipment, designs, and shingles are GAF (General Aniline and Film) Company; and TAMKO (Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma) Company. It it safe to say that GAF and Tamko are the kings and Queens of roofing materials. Both companies have a long history of over 70 years of age and have been the lead providers for American homes (both of which are extremely reliable, yet significantly different). With a wide variety of choices when deciding on your roof, choosing between the two top tier companies is often easier. So let’s take closer look at what they have to offer:

GAF Shingles:

GAF is very popular for their sturdy and reliable shingles (they only produce three kinds) a limited variety for focused quality. They also provide customized pieces to fit the client’s needs or to be able to adjust to the weather and climate. They even go as far as making Timberline and Designer laminated shingles. GAF’s popularity also stems from the fact that it is more affordable than most roofing supplies, but has little to no warranties, which makes roofing changes routine after a set amount of years. It is still able to provide ample protection for your home and a bang for your buck. There are higher end shingles made by GAF that carry lifetime warranties. The installation of these special shingles must be performed by a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractors in Queens, NYC. Any resident of this area that does the installation with a non-certified contractor will not get the approved for the lifetime guarantee. Believe it or not, only 2-3% of contractors in New York are indeed GAF Master Elite Certified.

TAMKO Shingles:

TAMKO shingles on the other hand has a nostalgic touch for most people because of its classic heritage design line which includes Woodgate and Vintage series; for people who prefer the log cabin type of roofing or just the look and feel of wood. There is a wider variety to choose from in place of customized shingles. You may benefit most from the fact that their roofing products have a 50-year warranty for issues and damages from wind, hail, UV discoloration, and algae build-up. You may find yourself leaning towards TAMKO for this very benefit because of the insurance of quality and easy replacement from common damage. You will have to shell out a bit more, but it’s a good investment for a long lasting roof.

Other Things To Consider:

Choosing between these two brands is a matter of preference. Whether you prefer to have variety, durability, or stick to a budget, one brand may be more suitable for you. Besides the manufacturing of roofing materials, both companies also provide professionals to install their products in your households. This doesn’t mean you are disallowed from installing it yourself, or from hiring another contractor to do it for you. Play it safe and smart when building your home. Don’t forget to consult your local roofing contractor to make sure your home is able to support the structure and materials of your roof.


Commercial Roofing: Different Options For Flat Roofing

Flat roofing is a standard for the commercial industry that dominates, offices, factories and shopping centers. There are various advantages for flat roofs and as technology and installation have improved the benefits have grown greater. There was a time when flat exteriors were looked down upon because of inadequate drainage, however this is no longer true as proper water routing systems have directed the water off the exterior. On average flat exteriors are cheaper to install and maintain then their counter parts, the following are the different "flat" options that one has.


The BUR system or Built Up Roof are the original and least expensive option for flat exteriors. This system is applied by laying asphalt on the roof of the building. In most cases 3 or 4 layers are applied. In between each of these layers a fiberglass sheet is installed to increase insulation and protection from the elements. Additionally, a layer of gravel is usually applied to the surface to protect from the sun’s UV radiation.


PCV or Poly Vinyl Chloride refers to a roof assembled from a plastic material. This layer is fused together and applied to the surface of the roof. It can be a strong, easier substitute to other option, but, reinforcements cannot be layered on top of it. Over time the UV light can break down the plastics, but they are known as an environmentally smart option. The most common colors are light gray or white which reflect the sunlight causing better insulation and less heat from penetrating the building.


Thermoplastic roofs are a layer that is applied to the top of the building. The technology came about in the 1990’s and has grown in popularity. It is relatively easy to install and can be done without heavy equipment. The synthetic materials are fused together to provide a flexible but sturdy roofing option. They are known for excellent insulation, with added strength because the seams are welded together to prevent leakage. Heavy weights and sharp objects are able to puncture this material so care must be taken.


Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer is a rubber based exterior that are resistant to many chemicals simple to apply. It is one of the most popular options for roofing because of its low cost and ease to apply. Compared to other exteriors EPDM flat roofing is like highway robbery. The installation is clean and be last for about 20 years. The installation and upkeep don’t emit tars, or foul construction odors. Additionally, EPDM is known for its strength, so it is popular in areas with heavy wind and storms. The flexibility it provides is ideal for areas with fluctuating hot and cold weather. With easier upkeep, great insulation and environmentally friendly flat roofs are a great option to consider for commercial construction or upgrades.

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